Autoimmune Specialist Miami

What is Autoimmune Disorder?

Why is my body atacking itself?

Autoimmune Specialist Miami

An autoimmune disorder occurs when the body's immune system attacks and destroys healthy body tissue by mistake. When you have an autoimmune disorder, your immune system does not distinguish between healthy tissue and antigens produced by the immune response. As a result, the body sets off a reaction that destroys normal tissues.

There are multiple conditions which may trigger an autoimmune disease. Symptoms of autoimmune disorders can come and go and will vary based on the type and location of the faulty immune response. When symptoms get worse, it is called a flare-up.

Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease

Types of Autoimmune Disorder

A person may have more than one autoimmune disorder at the same time. Common autoimmune disorders include:

An integrative approach for treating autoimmune conditions
A physical exam will take place; different signs depend on the type of disease. Tests may be completed to diagnose an autoimmune disorder.

Autoimmune Disease Treatment Miami

The goals of autoimmune disorder treatment are to:

  • Reduce symptoms
  • Control the autoimmune process
  • Maintain the body's ability to fight disease

Diet is consistently considered an important component in the prevention and treatment of disease, with inflammation shown to be the underlying cause in most diseases plaguing society today. Those with autoimmune conditions commonly have chronic inflammation. An anti-inflammatory diet is very important for those individuals with autoimmune conditions. Food sensitivities and digestive issues are also very common.

A customized dietary program based around known potential food sensitivities is the foundation for our dietary programs for autoimmune conditions. Food sensitivity testing and/or elimination diets maybe used to determine an individual’s dietary needs.

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